The Future of Money

Should an AI be given rights?


Android – The term that will be used for an AI inhabiting a robotic body to be a physical analog in the non-digital world.

  1. What is money?
    • A means to exchange worth between people.  This could be boiled down to the time of another person.
    • Does this mean money is the exchange of someone’s life?  No.. since people are at different rates of pay, there’s not comparison really.
  2. What does it mean that people are paid different amounts?
  3. Why do we have money?
  4. Is money needed?
  5. What would we do without money?
    • Barter
  6. If an Android should the food me free to all?
  7. If an Android could mine asteroids for metals, or mine/drill the earth for materials, should those resources be free to any who wish to use them?

Problems I cannot find solutions for

  1. If everything is free, who decides where you live and what type of housing you would live in?
  2. Would there be limitations placed on people, and if so why?